Automate Your Web3 Experience

A completely pluggable solution made on top of Account Abstraction for the entire Web3 ecosystem to automate any of its moving pieces.

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Key features that define us.

Epoch Provides a range of features to provide a robust and reliable experience.

Customizable Transactions

Customise Transactions with On-Chain and Off-Chain Triggers

Account Abstraction Based

Account Abstraction based architecture following ERC4337 Standard

Advanced Triggers

Advanced Event based, Time Based and Block Based Triggers with custom logic supported

Reliable and Available

Bundler which are reliable and always online

Complete Control

Complete Control over your Smart Contract Wallet

Secured By SAFE

Backend by SAFE to provider unparalleled security

Triggers for all use cases.

Many ways to automate.

Choose from the Products we have made OR dozens of Templates.

Be Creative with our Protocol

Explore the depth of our protocol and unlock its full potential.


• Liquidity Management
• Limit Orders and Stop Losses
• Loan Refinancing
• Liquidation Trigger and Prevention


• Reward Payouts
• Staking and Auto Harvesting
• Game Interactions


• Automated Payroll Transfer
• Automated Airdrops
• Token Streaming


• NFT Minting
• Automated Evolving NFTs
• NFT Rewards Collection


• Reward Payouts on Social Interaction
• Scheduled Posting

Anything Else

Anything else you need or can think of!