Go Beyond Boring Transactions

Using our secure bundler nodes network - Customize and Automate transactions, Create Secure/Decetralised Oracles, GSN Networks and much more...

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Transactions with Customizable Decentralized Transaction Bundling

With our decentralized network of transaction bundlers, you have the ability to customize various aspects of your transactions. This includes setting time or event-based execution conditions, obtaining off-chain or on-chain data, and customizing gas payment for your transactions.

Change the way web3 transactions work

Our decentralized network of bundlers lets you do things that were not possible before while still mantaining reliablity and security.

  • Automate daily on-chain tasks
  • Put your protocol on autpilot by automating smart contract calls
  • Make Easy User Experiences by paying user gas fee.
  • Build decentralized High Availability Oracles
  • Webhooks based transaction trigger
  • Anything You Can Think Of...

Secure, Reliable and Trustless Network Architecture

With Cosmos and Tendermint at it's core the network gives highly reliable services while privacy manager ensures that your transaction is private until its ready to hit the chain.

  • Reliable, tamper-proof, cryptographically secure network.
  • Seamless connection to any Protocol or Blockchain
  • Proven, ready-made solutions like Oracle, GSN and Smart Contract hooks

Be Creative with our Network





$144 per person billed yearly

Some of The Things you can do

No credit card is required, start for free, and pick a plan later. You can cancel anytime.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Shares
  • Privat Access
  • Embed Links
  • Comments
  • Print PDF Ready
  • Export to PNG

Some of The Things You Can Do

  • Decentralised SIPs
  • Loan Refinancing and Liquidation
  • Decentralised Oracles
  • On-Chain Webhook Triggers
  • Liquidity Provision Management
  • Automated Yield Farming
  • Limit Orders

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